Bio Base NWE


Project in the frame of INTERREG IVB North West Europe Programme

Coordinator: Bio Base Europe
Partners:  Bio Base Europe (Pilot Plant, Training Center), NNFCC, CLIB 2021, Rewin, Technology Centre Biorefining & Bioenergy, Ghent Bio-Economy Valley
Timing: January 1st 2013 – December 31st 2015
Total budget: 6.209.174 EUR

This three-year project “Bio Base NWE” is aimed at supporting the development of the biobased economy in North West Europe (NWE). The project will work mainly with small and medium businesses (SME’s) to help facilitate innovation and business development in biobased technologies. Bio Base NWE will also provide training and education to help tackle the shortage of skilled professionals in North West Europe’s biobased industries. The Bio Base NWE partnership includes organisations from five different countries.

SME’s have a vital role to play in Europe’s journey towards the biobased economy, which could be worth more than € 2 trillion to the European economy by 2020. Biobased products are a growing area of interest for SME’s working in chemical industry, agro-industry, plastics, fuels, food, textile and pharma industry. However, many SME’s find it difficult to bridge the gap between newly developed research and the commercial market.

The Bio Base NWE network, representing many leading biobased economy experts, advises SME’s from across North West Europe on how to develop new ideas into marketable products. SME’s can get financial support (up to 10.000 EUR) to demonstrate innovative biobased technologies at an independent, state-of–the-art demonstration facility in Ghent, Belgium. This flexible pilot plant will selectively invest in equipment for promising technologies to promote further growth. The partnership will also develop and deliver programmes and tools for training skilled professionals for biobased industries.

North West Europe is in an excellent position to take a leading role in the emerging biobased economy. The region is home to a number of prominent research institutes in this field and has a leading chemical industry, including a strong representation of SME’s which can provide a springboard for future development.

The BIO BASE NWE project is funded for 50% by the European Regional Development Fund, through the INTERREG IVB North West Europe Programme.

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Or contact the bio-innovation agent of GBEV,, if you have an innovative biobased idea and want more information on the innovation coupons worth 10.000 euro to assess the feasibility of your idea.