Technological innovation

Flanders Biobased Valley is a partner in many research, innovation and study projects. Below is a list of past and present projects. Through these projects, Flanders Biobased Valley is building expertise in the broad field of the biobased economy, expertise which will also benefit our members.



Screening the APPLIcation potential of a yeast-based bioSURFactant portfolio

In AppliSurf a combination of genetic modification, fermentation development/optimization and green chemistry will be applied to enable commercial production at an acceptable cost of an innovative and broad portfolio of biosurfactant structures.

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Support and Partnership in the bio-based economy (Horizon2020)

SUPERBIO aims to develop new and disruptive value chains in the bio-based economy. Therefore it offers support in value chain and partnership building to SMEs. Once a new value chain has been constructed, SMEs can apply to receive vouchers. With these vouchers innovation services provided by our partners can be bought. Project website with more information can be found here

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Bio-Innovation Support for Entrepreneurs throughout North-West European regions

The BioBase4SME network, representing many leading bio-based economy experts, will advise SMEs active in the bio-based economy from across North-West Europe. The BioBase4SME project intends to help Start-ups and SME to overcome technological and non-technological barriers to bring their innovation to market. The project offers Professional Training, Innovation bootcamps, Innovation vouchers to support the transformation of new ideas into marketable products.

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This project aims at introducing biocatalysis as Key Enabling Technology in the traditional chemical industry. Biocatalysis is a technology that uses enzymes instead of anorganic catalysts to speed up chemical processes. Replacing traditional chemical processes by biocatalytic processes has many advantages, all leading towards greener production processes. Custom-made information sessions and high level advice from national and international experts will be used to demonstrate the potential of biocatalysis.

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VISIONS is a collective research project on the valorisation of organic waste or side streams. VISIONS aims to achieve this through the development of an inventory comprising all organic/biologic waste streams in Flanders, the development of 2nd generation technology for the valorization of these waste streams, and the study of the logistic and economic feasibility of these valorisations.


The aim of BIOCLUSTER is the transition of the Flemish industry to a sustainable biobased economy. This will be done through the development of new economic value chains around the 5 major product groups of the biobased economy: bioplastics, biosurfactants, biomaterials, biosolvents and biolubricants. Seminars and discussion groups will be used to further elaborate on the themes.

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Ghent Syngas Cluster

This project investigates the technological and economic feasibility to construct a demonstration plant for syngas fermentation in the port of Ghent. This technology offers great potential to convert waste gases into valuable chemicals or sustainable fuels.

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This project investigates possible productivity increases of bioprocesses by integration of a membrane technology, namely pervaporation. The bioprocess under study is the production of biobutanol through ABE fermentation.

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Bio Base NWE

To accelerate the growth of the biobased economy, EU and local partners joined forces by providing financial, technological, training, networking and political support to enterprises in North West Europe (NWE) innovating in biobased products and processes.

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