Clustering & Integration

Ghent Biorefinery Cluster

Flanders Biobased Valley is home to one of the largest integrated production site for biofuels and bioenergy in Europe, the Rodenhuizedok biorefinery cluster. The site is unique by the fact that the whole production chain from feedstock to finished product, in this case biofuels, is present on a single site where biomass handling and storage (Eurosilo) rapeseed processing (Cargill) and fuel and liquid chemical storage and blending were historically present. This results in a highly integrated complex with minimal required additional investments. Therefore this cluster is excelling at efficiency. Biodiesel (Bioro) and bioethanol (Alco Biofuel) from 1st generation biomass are produced at this site.

Ghent Syngas Cluster

Inspired by this biorefinery cluster FBB is now investigating a new industry cluster based on the valorisation of waste streams and waste gases through gas fermentation technologyusing tailor-made microorganisms, the Ghent Syngas Cluster.