Social Acceptance Training

Many companies who start to use emerging technologies – such as those used in the bioeconomy – encounter barriers from consumers or local stakeholders. For example, it could be that their environmentally conscious consumers object to their use of GMOs, imported feedstock or animal testing in their “green” products. It could be that the local people object to their factory, pipeline or delivery trucks. It could be that their internal staff object to new in-house technology. These are all social acceptance issues.
To prevent this, our social acceptance training will teach SMEs how to recognise potential social acceptance issues before they become problematic, and how to identify the likelihood and impact of these issues.
A strong and well-communicated company mission statement and clear long-term vision can help avoid social acceptance problems and shape strategy for tackling issues. Our training event will help SMEs identify their long-term vision and teach them how to communicate it.

If you are an SME interested in joining our training event to understand how social acceptance could affect your biobased business and learn strategies to minimise social acceptance problems, send an email to
Participation to the training is free of charge.