LCA - wanted, needed, but truly understood?

Influenced by the discussions on climate change and the publication of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the desire for sustainability is also becoming more and more important for customers and brand owners. But how to measure sustainability? The current tool of choice to test the environmental impact of a product is life cycle assessment. The industry needs an instrument to confirm its competitiveness in this field; SMEs want to increase their attractiveness for the customer industries, which want to make their production more sustainable. But what is meant by a LCA, what can it predict and where are restriction?
The workshop is intended to provide an insight into the subject of LCA and to discuss its usefulness and limitations from various perspectives.

At 18:30 after a short get-together, we would like to cordially invite you to our traditional networking at the Düsseldorf Christmas market.

This forum event is organised through the Interreg NWE project BioBase4SME which aims to further support the development of the biobased economy in North West Europe. In order to achieve this, BioBase4SME offers training, innovation biocamps, workshops, and innovation coupons worth up to 100.000 EUR. Please click here to access the project webpage.


Entrepreneurs, industry, small and medium sized enterprises, academia, infrastructure interested in learning what is a LCA, get information about hurdles, challenges and opportunities.


16:00 Welcome CLIB2021
16:15 “Why should I prove it´s green? It´s bio!” - Olivier Talon, Materia Nova
16:45 “Two sides of a medal - LCA from a SME point of view” - Carmen Michels, FKuR
17:15 “What industry expects from LCA” - t.b.a.
17:45 “Strength and weaknesses of LCAs on Bio-based Products” - Michael Carus, nova-Institut
18:15 Get together
18:30 Visit of the Christmas Market


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