Sea-Invest/Sea-Tank Terminal

SEA-Tank Terminal, a daughter company of the SEA-invest Group, is a liquid bulk
terminal operator. With over 25 years of experience, SEA-Tank Terminal is a reliable
partner for the storage of mineral and vegetable oils, animal fats, liquid fertilizers,
molasses, biofuels and oleo-chemicals.

Its terminal in the Port of Ghent has a total capacity of 225.000 m³. The total quay
length of more than 1 km results in handling the vessels without any demurrages.
The tanks sizes range from 200 m³ to 6.500 m³. Part of them are insulated and can
can be heated. Nitrogen for blanketing of product handling is available at the terminal.
Dedicated pumps and lines maximize flexibility and prevent contamination.
All different transport modes (vessels, barges, trucks and railway wagons) can be
loaded/unloaded at the terminal.

Next to the above-mentioned terminal, SEA-Tank Terminal operates 3 tank terminals
In Antwerp:
1) a Seveso terminal of 200.000 m³
2) a dedicated mineral oil terminal of 520.000 m³
3) a dedicated kaolin tank farm of 16.500 m³

Besides these terminals SEA-Tank Terminal is building a 870.000 m³ mineral oil terminal
in Antwerp. In France, 2 terminals are being operated: Rouen (107.000 m³) and
Bordeaux (40.000 m³).

Besides the storage of liquid products SEA-invest disposes in the Port of Ghent of
134.000 m³ silo capacity and 76.000 m² multipurpose sheds for the storage and
handling of bio-mass in bulk.
One of its terminals alongside the Canal Terneuzen/Ghent has build an additional
shed of 32.800 m² for the storage of abt. 100.000 t of woodpellets.