Organic Waste Systems

Organic Waste Systems (OWS) started up in 1988 and is specialized in the biological
treatment of solid and semisolid feedstocks by means of anaerobic digestion. They
have 25 full-scale reference plants in 12 different countries, treating
source-separated and mixed-household waste as well as energy crops.

OWS has 70 employees and an annual turn-over of about 15 million Euros.
The experience and mechanical and biological know-how of OWS has resulted
in the development of innovative and patented designs, with a digester concept
adapted to each type of solid and semisolid feedstock:
• The DRANCO process: vertical fermenters for digestion of household waste
• The DRANCO-FARM process: vertical fermenters for digestion of pure organic
feedstocks such as energy crops and industrial organic waste.
• The BES process: an anaerobic process with horizontal fermenters (plug-flow
digestion) for digestion of food waste and energy crops.

In the field of bio-energy, OWS provides:
• Digestion solutions for side streams e.g. glycerin, DDGS,… at bio-energy plants
producing biodiesel or bio-ethanol.
• Laboratory testing for the determination of the biogas production potential of
organic side streams.
• Anaerobic digestion plants on energy crops such as corn, sunflower, barley…
and energy crops in combination with dry manure or dry organic sludges.

OWS also provides laboratory testing services for the determination of
biodegradability and compostability of plastics, packaging materials, consumer
products, detergents, etc. under strict quality conditions. The laboratory is ISO-
17025 quality certified.