Genencor, a Danisco Division, is one of the largest developers and manufacturers
of industrial enzymes and one of the largest biotechnology companies in the world.

Reaching diverse industries: Genencor discovers, develops, manufactures, and
delivers eco-friendly, efficient enzyme product solutions for the agri processing,
cleaning, textiles, food and feed, consumer and industrial markets. Genencor also
develops innovative solutions for the biofuels, biodefense, and biosafety industries.

As a technology leader, Genencor is a recognized innovator in protein and pathway
engineering. A very wide breadth of skills and experience is offered to deliver total
solutions to a broad array of markets.

A catalyst for change: as a catalyst of the biobased economy, Genencor is committed
to contributing to a sustainable industrial system that relies on renewable
resources to produce effective, environmentally friendly products. Genencor’s focus
on Research and Development and sustainability is driving the application of biotechnology
into new areas.

Genencor facts at a glance:
• Produces and delivers 250 diverse protein products at any scale for customers
around the world
• 10 manufacturing sites around the world
• Present in over 40 countries (Genencor and Danisco representation combined)
• 1475 employees worldwide