Electrabel, GDF Suez Group

Electrabel forms part of GDF SUEZ, a world leader in energy and environment,
which develops its businesses around a model based on responsible growth to take
up today’s major energy and environmental challenges. The company is the market
leader in the Benelux.

Electrabel sells electricity, natural gas and energy services. Its generating capacity
reaches 16,500 MW. It’s activities are supported by trading operations of the GDF
SUEZ Group.

Electrabel’s generating facilities use different technologies and fuels, thus making
them less vulnerable to variations on the energy markets and ensuring security of
supply. Biomass and other renewable energy sources form part of this strategy.
Almost half of the electricity generated by the company is free of CO2 emissions.

In Belgium, Electrabel has installed capacity of 350 MW that is biomass based
(the Rodenhuize power station in the Ghent canal zone and the Les Awirs and
Ruien stations). In 2010, its biomass facilities produced 1,600 gigawatt-hours. The
company is continually expanding its biomass-based production capacity, and
develops projects in collaboration with its customers.

Electrabel makes use of its biomass experience to innovate. It converted coal-fired
units in its les Awirs and Rodenhuize power stations into 100% biomass-fuelled
units and it has set up a procedure for certifying the sustainability of biomass.
Electrabel is the largest producer and supplier of green energy in Belgium. It offers
its customers products such as Electrabel GreenPlus and AlpEnergie.