With over three decades of research, Cardolite has pioneered new developments in cashew nutshell liquid based technologies and created a balanced and comprehensive portfolio of cardanol-based products that cover a wide range of performance attributes and applications in the coatings, adhesives and sealants, foams, composites, and automotive markets.

The Cardolite portfolio is comprised of robust products designed to meet multiple and broad requirements to help customers in their product consolidation efforts and universal products offering.

Epoxy Curing Agents - Cardolite’s phenalkamines provide very fast cure even at low temperature, and excellent corrosion protection even on immersed surfaces whereas Cardolite’s phenalkamides deliver good anticorrosion properties with longer pot life, better flexibility and UV resistance, and extended overcoat window.

Epoxy Modifiers and Resins - Cardolite epoxy resins and diluents not only enable sustainable solutions, but also improve anti-corrosion properties, flexibility, adhesion and early water resistance. Our cardanol diluents also act as accelerators for epoxy-amine reactions and are an excellent replacement for nonyl phenol.

Polyols, Diols and NCO Blocking Agents - The hydrophobicity, excellent hydrolytic stability, and ease of handling of our polyols and diols deliver unique performance to foams, coatings, and adhesives and sealants. Proprietary, high purity cardanol is a non-toxic alternative to NCO blocking agents such as phenols, providing favorable deblocking conditions and excellent stability at room temperature.

Polymer building blocks - Our CNSL-based intermediates can be used as building blocks for renewable polymers that address current environmental, health and performance requirements. The unique properties of the CNSL backbone will translate in excellent water resistance, adhesion properties, and bond strength.

Friction Materials - CNSL friction particles and resins are used in OEM and aftermarket disc pad brakes, drum linings and train blocks to improve wear and fade, reduce noise, increase flexibility, and provide thermal stability.