AEP Polymers

AEP Polymers is an innovation-based company, focused on applied R&D in the field of industrial polymers and intelligent formulations from non edible bio-based waste.

The development activities are focused on the creation of new substances, (pre)polymers and formulations with main applications in composites, polyurethane foams, coatings and adhesives. The starting materials are selected or extracted from by-products of the food industry. The novelty of the approach being in the selection process of the starting materials (that ensures maximum purity and reproducibility) and in the synthetic technology that guarantees the industrial production of the final product.  The synthetic approach combinesnatural derivatives, synthetic building blocks and a number of functionalities and reactive groups in order to obtain materials that are technically and economically viable.

AEP Polymers offers laboratory testing services, feasibility studies and qualified technical support, and is your partner of choice for contracted research activities and industrial cooperation.