Ghent University

Ghent University is a leading European academic institute active in all the major disciplines of the alpha, beta and gamma sciences, such as humanities, exact, applied and medical sciences. Its departments offer high-quality courses in every one of their scientific disciplines, each inspired by innovative research.

Ghent University is a strong player in biotechnology research. Ghent University houses the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), a world-class leading biotechnology research institute with a pioneering tradition in plant genetic engineering. The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering is concentrating its research efforts towards the use of renewable resources, industrial biotechnology and biorefining within the Centre for Industrial Biotechnology (CIB) and the Centre of Renewable Resources (CoRR). The Faculty of Sciences is concentrating its efforts towards fundamental biotechnological research.

The development of biobased products is one of the focal points of Ghent University and its activities cover all aspects of the innovation chain, starting from fundamental science to multidisciplinary Research and Development projects, application development and finally industrial valorisation. For these activities, Ghent University can rely on several outstanding research groups with expertise in different aspects of biobased products such as biocatalysis, fermentation technology, protein biochemistry and engineering, biomass processing technology, organic chemistry, biofuel production, environmental technology, agriculture, development of transgenic plants with modified lignin content or oil composition, improvement of crops for bio-energy production, renewable wood resources, etc.

In order to develop this field, Ghent University has initiated Ghent Bio-Energy Valley in 2005. Within Ghent Bio-Energy Valley, Ghent University is the main player for performing Research & Development in the area of biobased products, in close partnership with industrial companies. Various innovating companies have their roots in research work at Ghent University. Two science parks and two incubators are connected to Ghent University to make the required infrastructure and services available to young high-technological starting companies. The promotion and support of the valorisation of research results is a policy priority for Ghent University. Ghent University is also a partner in the Baekeland Fund that provides seed and growth capital to promising spin-off companies.