Development Agency East-Flanders

The Development Agency East-Flanders (POM) is in charge of executing the social economic policy in the East-Flanders province. The POM promotes social economic development in the province by drafting, supporting and executing social economic projects.

East-Flanders has an excellent location within Europe. East-Flanders is situated on the crossroad of two important international European motorways, the E40 and the E17, both providing a quick link to the rest of the European network. East-Flanders is accessible by train with an optimum connection between Ghent and Brussels. The high speed train links Ghent to both London and Paris. East-Flanders has two seaports, the Port of Ghent and the Waasland Port, the expansion zone of the Port of Antwerp.

The excellent location and accessibility are not the only asset for East-Flanders. East-Flanders has one of the highest productivity rates in Europe, highly quali¬fied and multilingual personnel, a high standard of living and a highly innovative economy. The dense network of schools and training is contributing to both qualified personnel and an innovative economy. One of the innovative sectors is the biobased industry.

East-Flanders has a modern service economy with an industrial backbone. The region has a balanced and diversified economic structure and above all a strong industrial tradition. East-Flanders holds an especially strong position with regard to new branches of industry such as biotechnology, environmental technology, computer sciences, communication technology and medical technology.